ImagesMessage from Minister-in-Charge

Shri Moloy Ghatak,
Department of Labour.
Government of West Bengal
Chairman, West Bengal Labour Welfare Board


I am happy to see that a Website, which was a must for the West Bengal Labour Welfare Board, is launched now with its web address ‘’. The employees and the employers of all establishments and other persons could find information on the web about the welfare activities, programmes and schemes undertaken by the Board. They may download various statutory Forms, Proforma Applications etc. conveniently from the website according to their needs. Besides, the website is going to have facility of online booking of Holiday Homes which are run by the Board. The online booking will empower all probable visitors to book Holiday Homes directly.

However, I sincerely believe that the website will be an effective means for establishing sustainable relation between the Board and the employees of every establishment. It would also be useful for developing a close co-operation between the Board and the employers of the establishments towards promoting welfare of labour in West Bengal.